Présentation de la compagnie // Introduction to the company:


The Arcosm company was created in 2001 and is currently co-directed by Thomas Guerry, a dancer and choreographer and Camille Rocailleux, a percussionist, pianist player and composer.
The company main objective is to build bridges between different artistic disciplines and languages; music, dance and singing are the root of this artistic approach. The main elements of the human voice (rhythm, melody, timbre and tone) are closely linked to the musical world, and give vividness and theatricality to the characters.
The artists are required to use their personal skills and competences but also to explore less-familiar areas of artistic expression. Combined with highly-mastered techniques, these new ways of expression create the sensitive and emotional breaks the company is looking for in order to achieve its artistic aims.


La compagnie a joué en // The company toured in:

More than 200 different places in France and abroad (Wales (Aberystwyth), Poland, Scotland, Japan, Germany, South Korea, New-Zeland, Ciprus, Danemark, Norway, United-States, Russia, Portugal, Norway…)

Spectacles disponibles // Available productions:

Echoa, Lisa, La Mécanique des Anges, Traverse, Solonely

Spectacle présenté // Proposed production:



6 - 8 ans years, 8 - 11 ans years, 11 - 13 ans years, Adolescent/e/s

Présentation du spectacle // Introduction to the show:

In this new family-oriented opus, Arcosm Company continues working on crossing arts, building bridges between dance and music, making bodies sound and move.
We will rely on our beloved artistic formation which permits lots of chances and openings toward the meeting of different languages : the quartet.
Four unique artists, four unusual paths, four different ways to behave.
This time, we would like to work about accident or mishap, about what is unexpected but still happens, about an attempt which leads to something unaccomplished but opens a new path and leads us somewherelse.
Within this context, we are interested in failure (both real and fantasised) because it shakes up and calls into question. Failure brings us in front of ourselves, and if we accept it correctly, it helps us move forward, find new ways, new paths and new directions.
Why should’nt we consider failure which scares us, as a true and impelling-our-creativity friend instead of an dead end ? Failure may be the beginning of something new...
Let’s consider failure as a real push-up for fantasy !
Thomas Guerry & Camille Rocailleux

Petite fiche technique // Short technical rider:

• Proscenium opening : 10m (32ft) minimum
• Stage Left to Stage Right width : 12m (40ft) minimum between walls
• Stage depth (front line to blackdrop) : 9m (30ft) minimum
• Grid height : 6m (20ft)
Legs set in «the german way» Borders localisation is determined by the lighting plot and the venue characteristics.
The playing area must be covered with a black dance floor of at least 9m (30ft) depth from the front lip of the stage. This Harlequin must be rolled out and taped before the company arrives at the venue. An intercom is required between the stage and the control room.
A minimal weight of 250Kg is required to stabilize the cube, which against performers are striking. The very few space available inside don't allow any other weight possible than castings.
The show begins by the front stage curtain opening. Once during the performance, our sound designer is called on stage, to resolve a fake feedback.
Therefore, an unobstructed path in the auditorium between his sound console and the stage is needed. We tours with a TV screen, which is hung to a bar at 6m high around.
The data is sent to the stage box by our sound designer, from a specific remote (using an XLR cable).

Documents // Documents:

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